Top Tips and Strategies to Optimize Your Google Ads

google ads


Do you want to optimize and improve your Google Ads? Getting your PPC campaigns up and running is quite easy, but if you cannot optimize them, the click-through rate is likely to be lower. That may end up making your campaigns less effective.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are extra information that can be added to your ads to attract people to click on them and make them choose your products over competitors. There are different extensions, and the common ones are call extensions and review extensions.

Call extension is great if you are promoting services. When you add a call extension, you help increase click-through rates. In fact, people can tap or even click a button to reach your business directly without having to visit the landing page. You can use a review extension to attract customers to the store using rating or review extensions. There is also a price extension that can appear below the text ad, giving you an opportunity to tell potential customers what you offer.

Optimize Your Display URL

The display URL is a web address where your potential customers can see pay-per-click ads. In fact, it offers people an idea of where they will get to after clicking your ad. Remember that the landing page URL does not have to be the display URL but in the same domain. You can use a keyword in the display URL. In this case, Google bolds the keyword in your display URL whenever it matches the search query. Another option is to use a call to action such as a book now or order now.

Personalize Your Ad

Google Ads allow you to make your ads unique to a given extent to match the ads. For a local advertiser, you can utilize geo-customizers to update your ads based on the location of interest or your physical location. Moreover, you can personalize the copy based dimensions such as device, gender, age, audience, and time.

Use Countdown Timer

Your ad clicks will not mean anything if visitors do not convert. One of the tricks is to create a sense of urgency to persuade website visitors to act. You should note that urgency works as it makes people suspend the thought of procrastination. You do not want to miss a great offer.