Reasons to Take up Sculpting as Your Next Hobby

clay sculpting

Why do so many artists love sculpting clay? Potter’s clay is the most commonly used when sculpting. Potter’s clay has served its purpose for years in the making of ceramic equipment. Clay forms from the decomposition of rock to microscopic plates, which, when met with water, causes its plasticity.

You may find ready-to-use clay or the one you have to refine and mix with other elements to make it easy to use. Clay is smooth to the touch, which can be therapeutic for most artists. Take a look at the reasons to give clay sculpting a try.

It Is Inexpensive

You can collect clay from your nearby river or within areas to access it, making it accessible for those who have access to it. What if I can’t easily access it, you ask? Not to worry, the nearest retail shop will be able to sell you some to help you start off. Buying clay is not expensive and when purchasing in bulk from a trusted source, you may have a discount offered.

It Is Easy for Kids to Use

Most school kids can mold clay to bring their visions to life during classes like art class or carvings in ancient history lessons. Children make a mess mostly when they are in their element. Fear no more. Molding clay is best suited for such situations since it does not leave a mess behind, and to smoothen it, all you require is water. Clay is also safe for children as it is not flammable.

It Is Malleable

One of the significant reasons sculpting with clay is advisable is due to its plastic nature. You can test it out by rubbing it between your fingers, stretching it, and trying to break it. If the clay breaks, then it is dry and will make it hard to use. When you press and bend clay, and it turns smoothly, you know you have quality clay with pure plasticity, which helps in sculpting. Good clay ensures that your sculpture remains intact and seen through to its completion.

It’s Therapeutic

When we say sculpting with clay is therapeutic, we mean it. Ready-to-use clay is smooth to the touch. When you feel the need to take a break and relax your mind, a sculpting class is a good option, especially if the material used is clay. It will leave your mind peaceful, and that drained energy surge you were feeling fades.

Sculpting classes are fun, therapeutic, and easy to go by once you get the hang of it. I hope this article was of great use to all you aspiring sculptors.