How To Naturally Defeat Asthma

Staying with asthma gives you another job of trying to control its symptoms. A slight change of air makes you wheeze so bad that it is no longer possible to attend job. When a cold air passes your lungs it affects you so bad, get an attack, and all your plans stop. Does this sound familiar? People suffering from asthma are always on medication which is okay. But some home remedies can help you defeat asthma without having to take medicines every day. This article will help you understand how that is possible.


Defeat asthma

Allergens and irritants

Asthma is a reaction to irritants and allergens. Before anything else, you must look at the environment around you. Remove anything that triggers attacks. Be it perfumes, sprays, molds, pollens just to name a few. Take it all away. Remove all chemical allergens since they are number one course of polluted air. You will be a living testimony of how it helped. Some people are forced to have masks even in the house. This will not be the case if you take away all the allergen.





The food we eat acts as another source of irritation. We eat three times in a day or even more. Make it your duty to reduce the chances of attack by eating healthy the many times you eat. Start taking more of vegetables, papaya, onions and pumpkins. Do away or eat little of citrus foods, wheat, dairy products, and preservatives.


Probiotics are bacteria living in the gut. They are of great benefit. What happens when you get a headache, run for an antibiotic? These antibiotics destroy the probiotics in the gut, to help them live to replace the antibiotics taken regularly with probiotics. It is a step to healing asthma naturally from within. Natural procedures work well in improving your health. Try the above and come back with your testimony.